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Corporations Using J-OS

Mentions of J-OS in the Media

J-OS provides the following services.

One-to-one Online Live Lessons

Customize your lessons to your special needs! Learning one-to-one offers the best results. With SKYPE, no commute is necessary. Perfect for busy business people. Take classes anywhere, anytime.Centralized management of training is possible because overseas staff can also participate.

IT Business Japanese (video lessons)

Online video course to learn Japanese required in IT Business. It is a course created by a Japanese teacher of a former IT engineer under the supervision of an IT company. The main target of this course is non-Japanese lT professionals working in Japanese companies. It must be useful also for offshore developers who work with Japanese.

Japanese Language Level Evaluation Exam

This service measures Japanese proficiency in three categories: speaking, reading, and writing. Use this test to ascertain the Japanese ability of potential employees or measure student progress.

Japanese Writing Course

Improve the Japanese writing ability of non-Japanese staff.

Conducted through email, students can be located anywhere. Highly convenient. No commute necessary. No need to be at the computer at a pre-arranged time.

Cultural Training (Japanese Business Culture Training)

This program introduces non-Japanese to the unique business culture of Japan. Training primarily focuses on how Japanese people think and behave, and how to communicate effectively in a Japanese organization.

We have a lot of experience training non-Japanese in the ways of Japan.

Why choose J-OS?

Customize lessons according to the goal and level

J-OS will ascertain the Japanese level of your non-Japanese staff and establish the best training program for you. We plan all training together with highly experienced teachers and our global J-OS business staff.

 J-OS offers a completely different experience! 

Top Class Teaching Staff

Learn from the best!

Strictest hiring criteria in the industry, accepting only 6% of teachers that apply!

 The level of instructors is different! 

Convenience. 24/7 OPEN. Wherever in the world

Since classes can be taken from the home or office, without the need to commute to school, no transportation costs are involved. Take classes from your hotel when away on business. Train overseas staff and prospective employees. Reduce the workload on the manager in charge of training. We can handle all management and operations related to training.

 Convenient for both student and training manager! 

Cost Performance

Greatly reduce the cost of operations with online lessons.

One-to-one lessons for about 40% less than the fees charged by other schools.

 Reduce costs while keeping quality high! 

Proposals always made to benefit the client

Members of our staff serve as both professional educators and professional service providers.

J-OS will propose a plan designed to maximize return on costs and reduce the workload on your training manager.

 Our motto is to assist clients as much as possible! 

Real examples

 Example1  : Retail business hiring 20 new college graduates

 Example2  : Machine manufacturer evaluating candidates to run an affiliate in China

 Example3  : Chemical manufacturer hiring non-Japanese for the first time at headquarters in Japan

 Example4  : Heavy industries manufacturer hiring 7 new college graduates domestically

 Example5  : Major bank with employees at many Asian sites

J-OS has experience providing training to many types of corporations: Automobile manufacturers (employees from various Asian nations), electronic manufacturers (director in Germany), heavy industries manufacturers (employees from various Asian nations, and potential employees residing in Europe), chemical manufacturers (corporate sales and research staff), securities firms (writing course for employees residing in America), staffing agencies (corporate sales staff), and more.

  common problems  regarding Japanese

 language training

The points are taken from a speech given by President Koike at the ASEAN-Japan Centre.


※For materials presented at the time, click here.

 Non-Japanese do not  understand the necessity  of developing Japanese  ability.

When students do not grasp the importance of why they need Japanese, their results are cut in half even if they take Japanese language training.

Let us be clear:

Achievement = Student Motivation x Content Learned x Time Spent Learning

 Students are not notified  in advance that there will  be Japanese language  training.

Although Japanese people may feel gratitude that their company has paid for training, not all non-Japanese feel grateful. In fact, many feel that it takes up time outside their contractual obligation.

 Corporate managers do  not fully understand on-  site needs.

It’s hard to put together the best training program if managers do not understand how important Japanese ability is in the workplace. This problem can easily arise when there is poor communication between the hiring and training team and the location an employee is assigned. Such cases are common particularly when the hiring and training work is handled by another company and details are left up to the location of assignment.

 There is no index for  objectively measuring  Japanese ability.

There are many cases where corporations complain that they hired someone that passed the JLPT N1, but they can’t converse.

There is not enough understanding and cooperation at the location of assignment.

If classes are held during business hours, results of learning are cut in half if students cannot focus on the training.

 Coordination between  hiring managers and  training managers is  poor.

Sometimes training before and after hiring is inconsistent in cases where the hiring team handles pre-hiring training and the training team handles post-hiring training.

 Japanese can hardly  tell whether it is a  good Japanese  training or not.

It is important to start your own Japanese training programs to fit your company’s needs. Moreover, if you have non-Japanese employees, you can also entrust them with the leadership of creating Japanese training programs.

News updates

25 Jan 2022: Blog [Japanese learning method for business people] has released.

04 Oct 2021: Shirasaki-sensei, the head of our writing course, has published a book titled

"10の基本ルールで学ぶ 外国人のためのビジネス文書の書き方".

19 Oct 2021: Japanese for new employee(video lessons) is now available.

24 Sep 2021 : Number of Nations of students taking our lessons updated. Now over 52 countries.

26 Jul 2021: Case : A financial institution listed on TSE adopted our program for the 22th term.

25 Jan 2021: Our Response to the Gender Free Policy

30 Nov 2020: Case : A Global Consulting Firm adopted our program.

13 Mar 2019: Japanese for Job Hunting(video lessons) is now available for free.

29 May 2018: IT Business Japanese Course(video lessons) is now available.

02 Apr 2018: Ms. Machida started teaching at J-OS.

13 Feb 2017 : J-OS will held charity event.

13 Jul 2015 : Student Voice updated.

03 Sep 2013 : J-OS was featured in World Business Satellite(TV Tokyo).

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