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About Online Lessons

Q : Is effective training possible with online lessons using a videophone?

A:Yes. Training can be carried out online without any problems. If you have any concerns about our method of operation, you can try a connection test first, so rest easy.

Q:Are only online lessons available? Do you ever dispatch teachers?

A:Although we basically only provide online lessons, teachers can be dispatched for on-site training. (There are even some corporations that combine online and on-site lessons.) Please contact us for details as fees depend on your location and other factors.

Q:What preparations are required?

A:See this page for necessary equipment.

Q:Students range from beginning to advanced ability. Is that a problem?

A:Of course not. Don’t worry. Our teachers are highly experienced.


About Teachers

Q:What kind of people do you use for teachers?

A:It addition to having teaching qualifications, all of our excellent teachers have passed our own qualification standards.

Japan Online School has established the strictest teacher selection standard in the industry, utilizing only 6% of all teachers

that apply. * Also, since we always select the best teachers based on your every need, we can handle a wide range of lesson types from those for beginners to those for advanced students seeking to improve their business manners and presentation skills.

Q:Do teachers speak the native language of students?

A:Lessons using an intermediate language are possible. (This includes English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Bulgarian, Czech, Chinese, Korean, Thai and other languages.) Please inquire for details, as availability depends on teacher schedules and other conditions.



About Japan Online School (J-OS)

Q:Tell me about Japan Online School.

A:J-OS began operations as the world’s first online Japanese language school in March, 2004. Subsequently receiving high praise from people around the world, we now help people from over 50 countries learn Japanese. 

Click here for a company overview.


Q:Are there any real examples of corporate training?

A:Yes. In addition to individual users, many corporations use J-OS for training.

From overseas IT consulting firms and major electronics manufacturers to small and medium-sized companies, a wide variety of corporations use our school.

Courses are arranged according to your budget and needs, so feel free to contact us regardless of the location or size of your company.

Q:What are the advantages over other schools?

A:We receive particularly good evaluations regarding the following points.

  • Courses are available 24 hours a day. (Even early mornings and late nights are no problem.)

  • Courses are available from anywhere in the world.

  • Your time can be used efficiently because courses can be taken at the home or office.

  • Strictest hiring criteria in the industry, accepting only 6% of teachers that apply!

  • The cost is relatively inexpensive. (Fees are approximately 30% to 50% less than other schools.)

  • Private lessons allow a lot of material to be covered in each lesson.

  • Course content can be customized.

  • Our system is designed so that even busy business people will continue studying. (Examples are given below.)

  • > Lesson report (review of each lesson sent by e-mail)

  • > Lesson plan (training plan)

  • > Training report

  • > Lesson management system

  • > Reservation system


About Schedules, Reservations, Fees, and Curriculum

Q:Are classes really available 24 hours a day?

A:Yes. We can provide lessons 24 hours a day because some of our teachers live overseas.

Q:What should I do to reserve a class?

A:We have prepared a 24-hour web-based reservation system for you, or you can contact our support staff.

Q:Tell me about your course fees and lesson plans.

A:Please contact from here.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

Feel free to contact us

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