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Real examples

J-OS was created in 2004 as the world’s first online Japanese language school.

Fortunately, our school has been used by companies in the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and fortune 500 companies.

Example 1 : Retail business hiring 20 new college graduates

All candidates had passed JLPT N1 or N2. While they had no problem with daily conversation, there was some concern about their ability to use honorific speech, business conversation ability, and knowledge of Japanese manners when dealing directly with clients and franchise owners. Pre-hire training therefore focused on store terminology, business conversation, and Japanese business culture.

Example 2: Automobile manufacturer (listed in the 1st section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange) evaluating candidates to run a Chinese affiliate

This client is a manufacturer associated with the automobile industry. They invited overseas candidates to run their operation in China to Japan, and had started a program for conducting OJT training for two years at their headquarters.


We came up with a designed a curriculum that focused on communication inside the company for the first half of OJT, and more polite expressions with people outside the company for the second half. The curriculum was designed with two goals in mind: to reduce the burden on trainees and teach the required expressions as they became necessary.

Example 3: Chemical manufacturer (listed in the 1st section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange) hiring non-Japanese at its Japanese headquarters for the first time

Although they were being hired under exactly the same conditions as new Japanese hires, they appeared to struggle with in-house training and communication within the team. So we put together a Japanese language training curriculum that focused on developing the following:

・ Understanding the business customs of Japan, and

・ Improving communication within the team (particularly with superiors).

Example 4: Heavy industries manufacturer planning to hire 7 new college graduates (graduates from European universities)

The seven candidates were at highly different levels, so we focused on training to meet each individual level, and improving business conversation and Japanese writing skills. All candidates increased in level.


Our instructors received excellent evaluations from trainees, and we ended out taking responsibility for post-hire training that was previously handled by a different company.

Example 5: Major bank training staff located at Asian sites

This client used to provide local staff with a different online Japanese course (automated Web-based course), but continuation of study by students was very poor, so they consulted with us.

Continuation of study rose from a rate of 20% with the previous program to over 70% after we took over.

Other than those above, J-OS has experience providing training to many types of corporations: Automobile manufacturers (employees from various Asian nations), electronic manufacturers (director in Germany), heavy industries manufacturers (employees from various Asian nations, and potential employees residing in Europe), chemical manufacturers (corporate sales and research staff), securities firms (writing course for employees residing in America), staffing agencies (corporate sales staff), and more.


J-OS is not just an organization that provides Japanese language training, our goal is to contribute as much as possible to increase the business performance of our corporate clients.

With this goal in mind, when you ask us to oversee training at your company, our expert learning consultants, all possessing a wide range of business experience, always listen very carefully to what you ideally want from your staff, the desired content of training, and the business you conduct in order to develop an original curriculum customized just for you.


Feel free to consult with us today.


※ Our services have been featured in World Business Satellite, Nikkei Sangyo Shinbun, Gekkan Soumu and other media sources.

※ Lecturing experience at the ASEAN-Japan Centre.

(Approx. 120 participants, including personnel and training staff)

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