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Why choose J-OS?

89% Corporate Training Repeat Rate!

J-OS has many repeat corporate clients including:

Retail Business A : 4th year, (83 students)

Major Bank B: 4th year, (123 students)

Heavy Industries Manufacturer C: 3rd year, (37 students)

Customize lessons according to the goal and levelCustomizeCustomize lessons according to the goal and level

J-OS will ascertain the Japanese level of your non-Japanese staff and establish the best training program for you.

We plan all training together with highly experienced teachers and our global J-OS business staff.

Example of role play in training for a certain retail business:

A customer who has not bought anything asks you: “May I have some hot water?” How would you respond?


Example of role play in training for a certain major bank:

At overseas offices, people often need to ask directions from the hotel to the workplace. We have participants practice giving directions from the hotel or nearest train station based on photos taken on-site by our staff.We have already prepared lessons based on five offices located in Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Min City, and Phnom Penh.

                                                                   J-OS offers a completely different experience!

Top Class Teaching Staff

J-OS is seriously involved with the hiring and education of instructors.

Just as you need an experienced guide to help you climb a mountain, you need an experienced teacher to help you learn a language.

Just as a mountain climbing guide can give you advice on which is the safest, shortest route up the mountain and all the risks entailed, the Japanese language teachers at J-OS can successfully guide you in your Japanese language learning.

Japan Online School has established the strictest teacher selection standard in the industry,

utilizing only 6% of all teachers that apply. *

* Based on 2011 to 2013 data for the number of teachers registered versus total number of applicants

Training takes time and energy

After passing our rigorous screening, new teachers must take teacher training before giving actual lessons.

Only teachers that have completed training can give actual lessons to students.

New teachers learn the following in training:

The business concept behind J-OS, conducting lessons efficiently, PC skills, communication, motivation management, coaching, characteristics of online lessons, points of instruction according to the type of student, creating curricula, how to customize lessons, determining a student’s skill level, PDCA cycle, handling personal information, and more.

Teachers are expected to continually work at improving their ability to give instruction, periodically engaging in follow-up conferences and further in-house education.

When a major heavy industries manufacturer asked J-OS to handle its pre-hire training, the participants gave J-OS such high praise that we were asked to take over post-hire training that had previously been handled by another company. There are many such examples at J-OS.

Strictest hiring criteria in the industry, accepting only 6% of teachers that apply!

The level of instructors is different!

Convenience. 24/7 OPEN. Wherever in the world


Time is a valuable resource for business people.


J-OS training courses make schedule management easy because they can be taken from anywhere.

Our courses also avoid unnecessary commuting time and costs. Take classes from your hotel when away on business.

Our courses not only assist students, but also reduce the workload on managers in charge of training.

If your staff is located at many different locations, there may be cases where separate requests need to be made to the training department at each location, but our courses allow you to greatly reduce the workload related to managing and operating training by handling everything through one centralized source.

                                         Convenient for both student and training manager!

Cost Performance

Provide training 30 to 50% less cost than conventional classes.

Greatly reduce the cost of operations with online lessons.

One-to-one lessons for about 40% less than the fees charged by other schools.

Example of significant cost reduction (for a retail business)

Total costs besides training fees incurred to conduct six days of training in Tokyo for 20 employees located at a regional office was approximately 1.9 million yen.

※ (Based on a roundtrip commuting cost of 40,000 yen plus five nights lodging for 40,000 yen times 20 people plus conference room fee of 300,000 yen for six days.)

※ Other additional labor costs for personnel taking care of arrangements and attendance were also incurred.

         1.9 million yen became 0 yen! Reduce costs while keeping quality high! 

Proposals always made to benefit the client


Our business is part of both the education industry and the service industry.


Members of our staff serve as both professional educators and professional service providers. J-OS will propose a plan designed to maximize return on costs and reduce the workload on your training manager.

Depending on intention of the person and workplace environment, sometimes we propose a reduced number of lessons or eliminating training altogether in the case of people with a high level of ability.

Depending on the situation, we also sometimes propose other training in addition to Japanese language training.

                               Our motto is to assist clients as much as possible!

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