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One-to-one Online Live Lessons

IT Business Japanese

(video lessons)

Japanese Writing Course

Japanese Language Level Evaluation Exam

Cultural Training

(Japanese Business Culture Training)

One-to-one Online Live Lessons

J-OS recommends one-to-one online lessons for training aimed at business people.


 Use time more efficiently with

 highly effective practice methods

The following table shows how the results can greatly differ depending on the learning method.

Self-study only gets a student as far as ④. However, one-to-one lessons utilize time more efficiently thanks to highly effective practice methods ⑤ through ⑦.The time taken per person differs by several times even compared to group lessons.


 Courses can be customized    

   according to your needs

Lessons can be tailored to the students, for more practical lectures.

Teaching things that aren’t required not only wastes time, but decreases student motivation.

Providing practical lesson content that can help workers in their jobs not only helps them in real situations, but helps drive home the important of learning.


   High level of convenience

Online courses are perfect for busy business people because there is no need to commute. Take classes anywhere, anytime.

When commuting to a school, finding a school that fits into a business person’s schedule can be difficult, while having a teacher dispatched to a corporate site can be expensive.

Centralized management of training is possible because overseas staff can also participate.

For these reasons, one-to-one lessons can be the best choice for Japanese language training aimed at business people from both a convenience and cost-performance perspective.

      IT Business Japanese Course (video lessons)        

In general business Japanese course, students mainly study Keigo, but there are also many casual conversations in the IT industry, and IT engineers have more conversations with internal members than outside the company, the usage environment of Japanese is different . This course is produced by the Japanese teacher of the former IT engineer under the supervision of the IT company. As a result, IT professionals can efficiently acquire the Japanese language skills required in their workplace.

[Contents of this video course]

There are ten Units in this course. You can efficiently learn expressions necessary for IT business. The concrete contents of each unit are as follows.


 1: 面接 (Job interview) 
 2: 新しい職場で (At a new workplace) 
 3: 指示を受ける (Receive instruction)
 4: 打ち合せ (At meeting)
 5: 開発中のやりとり (Communication under development)
 6: 進捗報告 (Progress report)
 7: 単体テスト・結合テスト (Unit test, integration test)
 8: システムテスト (System Test)
 9: 顧客デモ (Demo for customer)
10: 顧客検収テスト・アフターサポート (Acceptance inspection, after-sales support)

※The seller of this course is ShareWis. For details and applications, go to this page.

※For inquiries about the contents, please contact us from the "Inquiry" button below.

Japanese Writing Course

Improve the Japanese writing ability of non-Japanese staff.

・ It took five hours to write a report.
・ I’m responsible for creating meeting minutes, but I’m not comfortable doing so.
There are many non-Japanese workers who suffer such thoughts because they aren’t very good at writing Japanese.
To solve this problem, J-OS now provides a Japanese Writing Course.

Conducted through email, students can be located anywhere. Highly convenient. No commute necessary.

No need to be at the computer at a pre-arranged time.


To view a PDF describing the Japanese Writing Course,

click here.

Japanese Language Level Evaluation Exam

More than a few corporations have hired an employee that passed the JLPT N1 only to find that the person cannot speak Japanese very well.This problem arises because the JLPT is a paper test that does not measure conversational ability.

               This service measures Japanese proficiency in three categories:

                                     speaking, reading, and writing.

      J-OS evaluate 10 levels of conversational ability based on a conversation test.

※Conducted over a telephone or via SKYPE, the conversation test can be used to evaluate people stationed overseas or at regional offices.

※With three ACTFL-OPI certified instructors, J-OS can give you objective evaluations of Japanese conversational ability.

※Since we also offer services for measuring reading and writing ability, in addition to conversational ability, your company can use this test to ascertain the Japanese ability of potential employees or measure student progress.

※ The number of companies that utilize our test before finally hiring potential employees is growing.

This allows you to save on transportation costs to bring candidates in for final interviews and subsequent relocation costs.

(If you discover as a result of our test that the candidate’s Japanese ability does not meet your company’s minimum requirements.)

Please contact us for details about these services.

Cultural Training

(Japanese Business Culture Training)

This program introduces non-Japanese to the unique business culture of Japan. Training primarily focuses on how Japanese people think and behave, and how to communicate effectively in a Japanese organization.

With the globalization of Japanese corporations taking place today, the need for non-Japanese workers is becoming more important than ever, but not all non-Japanese living in Japan living up to their full potential.

One major reason is that they do not understand Japanese culture and rules of conduct.

The term “cultural training” covers many topics.

For a standard Japanese corporation, this type of training is provided so that Japanese people can function globally. The cultural training J-OS provides is the opposite. We train non-Japanese people how to function more effectively in Japan.


※ Cultural training can be used in conjunction with Japanese language training or on its own.

※ We also provide diversity training for Japanese seeking to hire non-Japanese and training before sending Japanese people overseas.


Please contact us for details about these services.

Feel free to contact us

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